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Base Hawk ComLink Raelon Operative

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  >  RE: Settling Well


  I'm glad you're happy, I truly am. This place is unbelievable. With every day that passes, I am truly astounded by the discoveries we make as well as the results produced by experiments that I never dreamed possible. I'm glad i took this position, and by the sounds of it so are you. Things are very different here too, from what I imagined. The rooms are tiny ( more like prison cells! ) and the food is a little disappointing, but the research equipment and the technology we have available to us certainly makes up for it.

   I have to go now, it was just a short one to say hi now that you are in the system. I think the next few months will be a whole load of fun, and of course when we leave, we can live out our dreams! Speak to you soon. Love you. 


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