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Base Hawk ComLink Raelon Operative

CURRENT USER: System Admin - Clearance Level 2401.


  >  Phase Three


   Oh Gerald, 

      So many years have passed. So much loss. 62 deaths from failed experiments. 5 suicides. Only 44 remain. We have achieved what they wanted. We have delivered the results they craved. Now what? What are we to do? Are we to die down here? The food has stopped coming. The water is running low, and the smell...oh god...the smell. Sanitation is a problem we are having to endure, but that is the least of our problems. Subject A escaped, became hostile. We are beyond prisoners now. We survive solely on the belief that they will come back, that they will free us. A six year project they said...yet here we are, over twenty years later. What happened my love? Where did it go wrong? Oh Gerald, What I'd give to be with you now, under your protection.

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