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Great Deceivers

Because The Anarkian Brotherhood entails many secrets, spells, incantations, dark magicks, and occultic practices, there are those who wish to claim themselves as members, leaders, or people in positions of power within the organisation. These charlatans are unethical in their approach, and will claim a great many things, such as, brotherhood progression, access to secrets, real dark magicks, and so on.

These great deceivers will claim to have exceptional links with our group and fill you with false promises of quick progress within the brotherhood, despite the fact they have no position within the brotherhood, nor do they have any influence with anyone inside its psychic walls. Your vigilance is demanded. Your vigilence will continue to be tested as you come across more and more people in real life and online, who will claim to know who we are, what we do, and what secrets we may contain within.

Always be vigilant with those who claim to know more than you about The Anarkian Brotherhood.

  1. When someone claims to be a member of The Anarkian Brotherhood, remember, they will have a membership card, complete with a number, that can easily be verified via the members area.

  2. Look out for jargon and secrets to which only "they" seem to have access to. Once you become a member yourself, you will become familiar with your brothers and sisters, the language we use, and some of the formalities that we undertake in addressing each other, as well as communicating with one another.

  3. Their position can easily be verified via the members area when addressing their standing within the brotherhood.

  4. Most pseudo-Anarkian groups are short-lived. They have a desire to join our ranks and understand our secrets and the knowledge we have, yet they are unwilling to work through it. As such, they profess to know this information, even suggesting that what they know is rare between members. This is a fallacy, as all members have the potential to learn everything there is to learn within the brotherhood, on the path to Omega.

  5. They will often claim that our secrets are nonsense, or that MK Black is somehow incorrect in his assertions regarding The Anarkian Brotherhood and its move forward. This is the immediate red flag. Sujira has a place for them.

  6. Carefully examine any groups or individuals who set themselves up as intermediaries between you and progress within The Anarkian Brotherhood. There are no rulers, there are no intermediaries; we are all teachers, scholars, and students, whose aim is to see each other grow exponentially.

Trust only in yourself and your intuition. Trust in the verification process if required. Follow your instinct.

MK Black


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