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Heirarchy in the Brotherhood

MK Black, has created a system of heirarchy in the early days of taking over as the figurehead of The Anarkian Brotherhood. This is the most common practice of social and esoteric organizations. The criteria for development within the brotherhood was designed on the basis of knowledge, experience, and servitude to self, other members and the organisation itself.

The criteria and how it is measured will never be shared outside of the brotherhood. In order to get a greater understanding of the heirarchy system and the actions that lead to growth, one must become a member. This ensures that there is no pre-planned high-rank pursuits from the outside, or for infiltration purposes. The last thing we want is people jostling, internal warring, and false learning. We want our members to work at their own pace and utilise the information given to them as best they can. This ensures that the criteria required does not become an obsession, or determining factor in development of true self.

The positions in the heirarchy system are as follows:

Anarkian Neophyte

Title granted to all new members, persuant to the fact they maintain an active membership. Grants access to added spells, sigil's, and more.

Anarkian Acolyte

Title granted to those who have engaged with the group and its members. This is granted to those who show excellent service to their fellow members and to the brotherhood as a whole.

Anarkian Councillor

Title and position given to those who have demonstrated that they have the best interests of the brotherhood and their fellow members in their hearts. This position grants immediate access to voting rights, and all council matters.

Anarkian Omega

Title granted to those who have a firm understanding and grasp of the works of the brotherhood and have contributed in exceptional ways to the council and its policies.

Anarkian Master

Title granted in extraordinary circumstances.

An important point to note:

All members are encouraged to behave with courteous decorum when dealing with one another. Negative interactions will not be tolerated. We are here to empower one another.


An individual who has been titled Omega can also apply within the brotherhood to become a registered representative. You have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the dark arts, magicka, sigil use, and the general belief system of the Anarkian Brotherhood. You have shown a willingness to grow and develop using the strength of the universe and Sujira. Your philosophy is one that grants you the power to represent us at local and international media level.

MK Black


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