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Sujira & The Sons of Anark

The sons of Anark were a formidable race of giant, warlike people that often accompanied Sujira on her journies from Anarkand ( the purple planet ) to Earth, our beautiful home.

Their ancestry dates back as far as 8,000 bc were ancient carvings were uncovered in late 19th century that seemed to confirm their place amongst the humans of the time. In the bible, of which Sujira swears against, there are many mentions of the great giants of the time, of course they are referred to in different terms, such as the Nephilim, and the sons of Anak.


The Anakim/Anakites were a formidable race of giant, warlike people (Deuteronomy 2:10, 21; 9:2) who occupied the lands of southern Israel near Hebron before the arrival of the Israelites (Joshua 15:13). The Anakim’s ancestry has been traced back to Anak, the son of Arba (Joshua 15:13; 21:11), who at that time was regarded as the “greatest man among the Anakim” (Joshua 14:15).

The name “Anakim” most likely means “long-necked,” i.e., “tall.” The Hebrews thought them to be descendants of the Nephilim, a powerful race who dominated the pre-Flood world (Genesis 6:4; Numbers 13:33). When the twelve Israelite spies returned from exploring the Promised Land, they gave a frightening report of “people great and tall” whom they identified as the sons of Anak (Deuteronomy 9:2). The Israelites, seized with fear and believing themselves to be mere “grasshoppers . . . in their sight” (Numbers 13:33), rebelled against God (Deuteronomy 1:26-28) and refused to enter the land God had promised them.

We know these beings to be the sons of Ana(r)k, the shortened term for those who come from Anarkand, much in the way we are described as earthlings, they are referred to as Anark, or Anarkians. The writers of the bible clearly drew upon the ancient stories of Anark and implemented them in their own way to fit their narrative at the time. We have not forgotten this, nor will we in the future. Further bible commentaries, translated with the correct terminology introduced, makes it evidently clear where their story has come from.


The people of the time were exhorted by their leader, not to fear the Anarkians, but they refused to trust his commune with the goddess, she, Sujira. They did not trust Sujira's promises. As a result, they became angry with Sujira and prohibited "she and the sons of Anark" from entering their Land; The leader was now no exception. Because he had taken Sujira and her words and guidelines into his heart, he too was cast aside by the angry people of the land, and told to leave.

The peoples fear of the Anarkians led to a rebellion against them and Sujira. The true goddess of Anarkand, and the Anarkians she travelled with to Earth, did not retaliate. They did not fight, argue, or display hatred of the local people. Instead, they did as was commanded by them, and they left p, peacefully.

During the biblical conquest of Canaan, Joshua expelled the Anarkian from the hill country, and Caleb finally drove them out of Hebron completely. However, many supposedly found refuge in the citiies of Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod. Many Bible scholars speculate that the Anakim’s descendants were the Philistine giants David encountered (2 Samuel 21:15-22), including Goliath of Gath (1 Samuel 17:4-7).

We know differently. There was no conquest of Canaan. Joshua and Caleb were not part of of the understanding between Sujira, the Anarkians, and the humans of the time. Any expulsion that took place, was conducted by the collective people of the time. We know, from future conversations between Sujira and her chosen Earthlings, that she ensured that only those worthy of the knowledge of the Red Hex One, be in commune with her and her guard.


Giants are mentioned in the Bible in several places (e.g., Genesis 6:4; Joshua 12:4). Og, king of Bashan (Deuteronomy 3:11); the giant people in Canaan that Moses’ spies reported (Numbers 13:30–33); Goliath (2 Samuel 21:19); and the Anakites (Deuteronomy 9:1–2) are all examples of giants in Scripture. We should keep in mind that the “giants” of the Bible were not forty-foot colossi who sat on houses and picked their teeth with elm trees. The giants of the Bible were tall—Goliath was maybe nine or ten feet tall—and they were powerful, but they were certainly described as being human-like, although clearly not of this world.

The above statement from biblical discourse is easily close to accurate, but not quite. It is safe for us to assume that Goliath in the bible is of course human, despite the size noted. This, and many other strange anomolies will occur from time to time in nature., however, the giants of Canaan, as they are referred here, were absolutely not human. They were the Anarkians, the sons of Anark. They were in visitation of Earth with she, Sujira.

The sons of Anark are described by many witnesses as being taller than humans by around 3 or four feet. They were human-like in form, but had many very unique features.


Sujira has spoken with humanity several times over the years that have passed, and has taken commune with those of Anarkian half-blood, who she has referred to as the bloodline. She has always granted us power, knowledge, technology, universal secrets, understanding of mathematics, physics, and our place in the universe.

Sujira convened with the Mayans, ancient Sumer, the ancient Egyptians, and many more. The aim was always to bring greatness to the human mind and body, whilst ensuring we accomplish all that humanity is capable of.


Evidence for the sons of Anark.

There are many accounts of archaeologists finding very large bones and weaponry or other artifacts used by the sons of Anark.

Stonehenge, was erected by the sons of Anark, in order to accurately represent the european commune undertaken by Sujira, during her first visit to that part of the world.

Some giant-sized artifacts exist in museums. A huge amount of them are locked away from the world. Eyewitness accounts are also verifed detailing some of the artifacts that have been recovered over the years.

The visual depictions of very large people, such as those found on Egyptian jars and tombs, are pictures of the sons of Anark. Art historians usually conclude that these giant figures are simply representations of gods or kings and that their larger size was a way to show their importance or their high rank in comparison to other figures near them, however the sons of Anark are not Gods, nor did they ever wish to be depicted as such.

There are many written accounts outside of the Bible. Three books that are particularly noteworthy are the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jasher, and the writings of the Jewish historian Josephus. All three of these books mention the existence of giants. Outside of the Bible, this is the most compelling argument for the existence of giants. These books all present stories of actual people encountering giants, and the stories are presented as historical, non-fictional accounts. Josephus, in a passage about the Israelites moving their camp to Hebron, mentions that the Jews encountered the inhabitants of that land, including “the race of giants, who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were surprising to the sight, and terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day.”

The Book of Jasher, mentioned in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18, is one of three books, along with the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch, which give an account of the antediluvian world. These books tell essentially the same story found in Genesis: that fallen angels impregnated human women and their offspring were the Nephilim, a race of giants (Genesis 6:1–4). We know this now as the beginning of the Anarkian bloodline. Those birthed of the blood of Earth and Anarkand were considered half-bloods.

These half-bloods, according to writings found from Sujira, were to remain in close confine with one another and ensure the bloodline continued on throughout the annals of time. Other writings about the giants, as the old writers referred to them as, such as the Book of Jasher, state that the giants were cruel and violent, ruling over mankind as gods. This is simply not the case. They were not Gods. They were protectors and guardians of Sujira whilst she visited earth and her people.

The Genesis account of the flood is preceded by a passage that mentions the Nephilim, another wrongly stamped name for the sons of Anark. The Bible mentions the Anakim and the Rephaim after the flood. This confirms that the bloodline of the sons of Anark, remained, even after the enemy of Sujira tried to destroy the good work that they had conducted on their visitation during this time.

MK Black


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