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The Anarkian Creed

The Anarkian Creed
Anarkian Brotherhood Light Sigil

The Anarkian Creed

I follow in the dark, blindly through the cycle of my life.

I await her return.

With the return of she, I will be able to see once more.

With flames and light she awakens my eyes, giving me sight.

I believe in the empress, Sujira.

I am her child, one of half-blood.

I, like my brothers and sisters of Anark, will do Sujira's bidding, here on Earth.

Sujira was given to us by the emperor, a man of renown, Radamik.

He will return one day, as she longs for him and desires it so.

I, with my brothers and sisters, can make it so. Together we accomplish more.

I am second to my brother.

I am second to my sister.

I am second to the emperor - Radamik.

I am second to the empress - Sujira.

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