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True Genesis of Anarkand

  1. In the beginning the creator formed a vastness of energy, encompassing everything and nothing, dark and light, hot and cold, matter and anti-matter. His design would settle after many a millenia, and eventually reach a point of purpose, self-suffiency, and perpetuity. His rules for creation were clear. His creation would be governed by laws that he decreed.

  2. The creator had two sons. One of the dark, who he called Radamik; and one of light, who he called Mopok. Two brothers. Of the same energy, but very different.

  3. Radamik created the world of Anarkand, and Mopok created the world of Earth.

  4. Radamik was quick to craft, shape, and construct his world of darkness. He ensured that its place in perpetuity would be one of freedom, one where it could traverse his fathers creation, within the laws bound; but with a bending of the rules that governed them.

  5. On the first day, Radamik built the Red Hex. A source of power so rich that it need not the energy of outside sources. The Red Hex would govern the life he would create on his world. It would heat them, grow their crops, fuel them and their machinations. It would guide them, protect them, and ensure their continued development as a species.

  6. On the second day, Radamik created the waters and the weather systems of his world. Anarkand, he decided, would not look out of itself in order to sustain the life it was soon to be granted. He created the waters, streams, rains, rivers, seas, oceans, He formed the mountains and the hills, the continents, and the lands, and ensured that the Red Hex that encompassed his world, could reach each and every corner of his creation.

  7. Radamik knew what he wanted to craft. His plan was clear. His world was to be smaller than that of his brother Mopok. This, he believed, would allow him better control over Anarkand's resources, weathers, waters, and inhabitants. He believed the life that he would create, would be more inclined to care for their world if there was less of it to go around.

  8. On the third day, Radamik created the first of the still life. Plants, trees, fauna, giant biological structures and seeds. What is a world without beauty? he thought to himself. There were many colours. The sky above the ground of the world would be created next. Its design, carefully engineered to hide the Red Hex from those who would soon be below. He wanted not a prison for his creation, but a place of beauty. There were to be no illusions.

  9. On the fourth day, Radamik created the first of the Anarkian life. Great creatures of the seas, great creatures in the sky, and the first of the bipeds. He would work tirelessly to create as many beautiful birds, water creatures, and land creatures as he could. Once satisified, he thought about their existence. In this moment he knew what to do.

  10. On the fifth day, Radamik defined their language, their senses, and the reproductive systems of each of the creatures. There would be masculine and feminine energies, as instructed by the laws of his father. No creature on Anarkand would be able to birth more than one offspring. This ensures control of the worlds population. His next action was to alter the blood of each of his creations, ensuring that those born of this world, could thrive and survive here through the energy giving powers of the Red Hex around them and their world. There would be no need to kill for sustenance. No need to take the consciousness of another being in order to eat. No, Radamik decided, his creations would live on light and energy, not darkness and death. This, he believed, would protect his creation from famine, drought, and fear.

  11. On the sixth day, Radamik made a decision. He did not want to simply watch his world from afar.; he wanted to rule it. And so...

  12. On the seventh day, Radamik, altered his image to be more like that of his creations of the land. He announced himself to them as their emperor, the ruler of all of Anarkand. "I am your creator. I give you life. I give you breath. I give you purpose. I am your emperor, I am Radamik. You will be the guardians of this world and the Red Hex that gives you sustenance. Let it be clear now, in the genesis of your creation, that nothing out there, beyond the Red Hex, will destroy us."

  13. On the eighth day, the emperor created his queen. "She was born of the flames of Anarkands first fire, and for many years the queen would be known only as "she"

  14. On the ninth day, Emperor Radamik would learn of another of the universal laws that his father, the creator, had put in place. Nor he, or Mopok, were allowed to be present in their creations, not in the physical form. They could not interfere, nor were they allowed to shape the decisions, choices, or thoughts of the beings of their creation, for surely the punishment would be huge. This had changed everything for Radamik. He wanted to rule, but he respected his father, and so he placed "she" in control of the world, granting her the ability to traverse the outer realms at will.

  15. After some time time, Emperor Radamik gave birth to a new name for his queen. "she" would become known as Sujira.

  16. On announcing her name, Radamik would vanish, leaving Anarkand in the hands of his queen. Our goddess...Sujira.



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