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The final friday of every month signifies the reading of the Arru-Gar. At 22:00 hours ( GMT ), all brotherhood members must take a red candle and a black candle, both more than 6 inches tall, and place them on top of the Anarkian Sigil. Pour red wine or water into the Anarkian goblet, about halfway. Place your index and middle fingers on the edge of the sigil so that the candles are sat either side of them.

You may light the recommended incense, close your left eye. and with commitment and fortitude, you will say the following:


"I renounce the false prophets, and all the false gods. With one eye open, i feel my brothers and sisters around me. We are connected, and our connection grows evermore, with every passing incantation. With one eye closed to the world, I embrace the dark goddess, whose very name will empower us all.




She is the chosen, and we are her people. she envelopes us all and casts out false love, and fabled beasts. She is our Queen, she is our divine Mother. I ask that you, my brothers and sisters around the world, with whom i share this moment, come into my heart as i will yours, and purge the sins of those we are bound to. This world is not the creation of mans false gods, nor of mankind itself. We do not follow mans deep need for false hope, and false deities.

We are the Anarkian Brotherhood. May our connection grow strong, my brothers and sisters, let Sujira protect us all, and empower us to greatness. Dear Sujira, second born of the emperor, our first light, the flame that burns inside us, mother of all: I am yours, I walk beside you, as I do my brothers and sisters. We are the empowered, we are the free, we are the chosen."


After that, drink the wine/water as you feel yourself further connected to your brothers and sisters. This may very likely cause a deep feeling of warmth and connectedness with our global family, after all, we will be doing this together at exactly the same time.


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