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You and Anark

You have found us. You have found freedom from the subserviant mind.

You already know who you are. You have felt it from a very young age, and even more so as you have grown older. You feel as though you don't belong in this world. As you look around you, you see the great hurt and pain that is caused to your fellow man, to animals; to mother Gaia herself. You feel great empathy, and demonstrate true understanding of the plight of others, but feel powerless to help.​


You are an intellectual. You love to learn and grow. You have a thirst for knowledge that is often unquenchable. Your brain is forever working away, and your mind never sleeps. You are someone who yearns for a better world and a better life, not only for yourself, but for others. You have a strong belief that you may have lived before, and as such, you are aware of the many energies that exist all around us, and you are keen to learn more about them.​You may or may not be religious, this is not what's important, what is however, is the belief in something greater.

You understand that there is much more to this than we are led to believe.

You know that you have a purpose in this life, and that you are working towards a far higher goal than just Earthly endeavours. You understand fully the notion that we are here as compassionate beings who are designed to elevate and illuminate those around us. You know you are ready to leave the Earth beyond death, in fact at this point, you are not planning a return. You are ready for the next stage of conscious evolution.


The Anarkian Brotherhood unites intellectual empaths of this world, especially those who are falling for the isolation trap that is building up all around us. We are being seperated from one another on so many levels, and our connections are being attacked. I firmly believe it is important that we stay connected with one another and grow a community based on empathy, and empowerment of one another, so that we may achieve greater goals.​


We will share the deepest secrets of the race of humanity and its standing in the wider universe. We reincarnate, re-animate, and recycle life after life in body only. Our souls, spirits, or ( insert your chosen descriptor ) are locked to this realm until we find our purpose and achieve that which is set out for all of us. The keepers of this world are aware of the cycle and know how to utilise it, and have done so for over three thousand years.​


We are locked into this realm by fear, hate, war, famine, laziness, and anger amongst many other negative thoughts and emotions. We are seperated from one another early in our lives and taught to compete and fight tooth and nail to accomplish mere worldly things. The keepers know the route back, and thus they can ensure that their ultimate goals become a reality.


Now, let me be clear on one thing. The title of keepers are one they have given to themselves, this is not how I view them. The rulers of the secret world and the power that exists all around us is what I am determined to share. Whether this will be granted to me or not, remains to be seen. My name is Morgan Kellerman-Black, and I am here to share my knowledge and understanding of what exists around us, whether we can see and feel it, or not.​


We must all worship ourselves for the glorious human beings that we are. There is nothing wrong with this notion; this feeling. When we love ourselves, then we can better love others and teach them to do the same. Above all else, this is about empowering one another, using ancient and secretive arts which are currently being used against us.


We want a better world, starting with better individuals. As a member of this website, you will develop all of the afore-mentioned, but more importantly, you will be joining a community, one which has its heart set on improving each other as individuals, and then the world around us in order for future consciousness to prevail.

The future has presently passed.

MK Black


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