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Join the Brotherhood

If you have not already done so, we strongly suggest you become familiar with Anarkand and Sujira. Learn all about it and study it prior to making a decision about joining our organization. Anarkand is the great saviour, and devourer of worlds. The Anarkian way of life is our philosophy, and she, the one, Sujira, is our master.

We have provided a plentitude of literature, rituals, sigils, and magicks. Our founder has pioneered the very fabric of our temporary reality. The inner and outer workings of The Anarkian Brotherhood will be detailed further on these pages, and we would hope that they resonate with you, in the way they resonate with us. The fourth wall exists only to deceive those that aren't ready for the next step in life.

Break down the wall. Accept Sujira into your life, and your mind will be free of the chastity of Earth.

The Anarkian Brotherhood is not for everyone, but we welcome you if you wish to join us. We are not for individuals who live with a falseness in their heart. We demand individuals who are strong of mind and purpose. We are not for those seeking validation, forgiveness or retribution for heinous acts.

We are a group of intellectuals. Our dynamism is what sets us apart from the rest. We are secret keepers, whose knowledge of the dark arts and magicks, allow us to influence our lives and the lives of others that we deem important to us. We stand firm in our beliefs in the energies that surround us, and our utilisation of such energies.

We promote the synergetic way of life between man and his own universe. We manifest and materialise that which cannot be fathomed. We are powerful human beings, who swear allegiance only to ourselves and the universe which crafted us; and gives us the experiences which we partake in willingly, or unwillingly, as we develop. Your involvement is based upon your own potential, and determination to learn, uncover, and discover.

To Join the brotherhood:

Please purchase your membership via the Brotherhood online portal. Membership costs:

£215 in GBP ( Great British Pounds )

You may pay via any othe major credit / debit card companies, or via Paypal.

When you join, you will receive your digital registration document. This, along with your membership ID Number, will allow you access to the membership area of The Anarkian Brotherhood.


Please note:

All memberships are processed within 7 days ( usually within 3 days. )

We are an international organization.

If you haven’t heard back in more than 10 working days, please email us.

NOTE: A full list of what is required to join, is provided on the membership purchase page.

About the membership fee:

We do not promote ourselves, nor do we campaign for people to join. We believe in the powers of the universe and the laws that define it, and us. The right people will find us through the fourth wall, and the right people will join us.

If you wish to suggest someone join us, then that is your prerogative. However, please ensure they are of strong character and believe in the power of Sujira, and the universal truth.

M.K. Black - Resurrector of The Anarkian Brotherhood


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