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Why We Must Ready Ourselves For Sujira

Sujira has been visiting us for centuries. Our greatest minds, our greatest individuals, they all have a story to tell about the woman who rules the flame. She warns us of a storm, a storm so grand that we are doomed to fail, unless...

The world's people have become too accepting of what the establishment decrees. They are only too willing to take authority as the truth, rather than the truth, as the authority. They have become nothing more than followers of a new world agenda that promotes a new world order.

  • To us, Sujira is the truth. Sujira is the authority. She does not hide in the unseen, she does not claim omniscience, she does not demand obedience, worship, a slave race nor complete servitude. She demands the freedom of the individual, and the collective power of human thought energy. She warned us about the false power of governments. She warned us about their desire to rule men and women through their laws, enforced rules, and threat against our freedoms, should we not toe the line; a line of their creation!

  • Sujira warned us of the human construct of religion, and religious systems, all of which designed to keep us from venturing freely and discovering our own truth. They keep us chastised in their own fairytale systems and beliefs, that they conspired to write, develop, and entitle. Humanity has forgotten our true creator, for she has been written out of history.

  • Religions were often created with good intention, but unfortunately, the shadow groups who ruled our world began distorting the truth, removing all mention of Sujira, Anarkand, and the cycles of the god planet.

  • Governments and religions benefit only the few, yet destroy the lives of the many. They control the food that you eat, the additives and preservatives. Your labour is their luxury. The currency they created, keeps you bound to a failing system. This is a system that serves only to ensure your continued slavery, servitude, and dependence. You are forced to abide by their rules, inside their system. You are trained from elementary school to serve the authority, to work hard all your days, and to repeat answers to their questions, in order to be rewarded with paper qualifications that hold no true value in the greater world of love. In their system, you will be taxed to death, and then asked to pay for the funeral.

  • The monetary system is the ultimate control mechanism for the mass populace. Our freedom to barter has been annihilated, and now every transaction or purchase can be tracked, analysed and scrutinised if need be.

  • We will be viewed as the enemy; nothing but a cult, satanic group, or terrorist organisation. Yet we, are none of those things. We are enemies of no-one, we are not a cult, nor do we believe in satan or any other fallible human construct. What we are is a brotherhood, one that is open to all of mankind. We are labelled many different ways because the established order of the world knows that we are aware of the truth.

  • Anarkand is on its way, and with it, the one true goddess, Sujira.

  • A major issue for us, is that the world we live in, has become an egocentric, self-serving, judgemental society that belittles anything other than the narrative that the global elite have manufactured for them. We believe that they would be better served trying to raise their awareness of the reality that exists outside of their fantasy world.

  • Our brains are so completely different from each others, that it requires each individual to become more understanding and tolerant. If only this happened more often, then people would realise the reality of what is to come.

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