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How To Watch Chashme Baddoor In High Quality On Blu Ray _BEST_

Chashme Baddoor Full Movie 2013 Blu Ray Rip 720p Dimensions: A Review

If you are looking for a comedy film that will make you laugh out loud, then you should watch Chashme Baddoor Full Movie 2013 Blu Ray Rip 720p Dimensions. This is a remake of the 1981 classic Chashme Buddoor, directed by David Dhawan and starring Ali Zafar, Taapsee Pannu, Divyendu Sharma and Siddharth. The film is about three friends who fall in love with the same girl and try to woo her in different ways.

How to Watch Chashme Baddoor in High Quality on Blu Ray

Plot Summary

The film revolves around Seema (Taapsee Pannu), a young girl who lives in Goa with her uncle (Anupam Kher). She wants to marry a civilian, but her father (Anupam Kher), an army officer, has arranged her marriage with an armyman for the sixth time. She escapes from her home and meets Siddharth (Ali Zafar), a shy and simple guy who works as a software engineer. They fall in love and start dating.

Meanwhile, Siddharths two friends, Jai (Siddharth) and Omi (Divyendu Sharma), are womanizers who also try to impress Seema. They lie to Siddharth that they have already dated Seema and she is a cheat. They also create misunderstandings between Siddharth and Seema. However, their plans backfire and they end up getting beaten up by Seemas grandmother (Bharti Achrekar) and her dog.

The film also has a sub-plot involving Joseph (Rishi Kapoor) and Josephine (Lilette Dubey), the owners of a cafe where the three friends hang out. They have a romantic relationship that is opposed by Josephs brother (Anupam Kher), who is also Seemas father.


Chashme Baddoor Full Movie 2013 Blu Ray Rip 720p Dimensions is a hilarious comedy that will keep you entertained throughout. The film has a fast-paced and witty script that is full of funny dialogues and situations. The film also pays homage to the original Chashme Buddoor by using some of its iconic scenes and songs.

The film has a talented cast that delivers excellent performances. Ali Zafar is charming and adorable as Siddharth, the innocent lover boy. Taapsee Pannu is cute and bubbly as Seema, the girl next door. Divyendu Sharma and Siddharth are hilarious as Omi and Jai, the two troublemakers. Anupam Kher is superb in his double role as the twins. Rishi Kapoor and Lilette Dubey are adorable as the old couple.

The film has a catchy soundtrack composed by Sajid-Wajid. The songs are peppy and suit the mood of the film. The song Har Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hai sung by Sonu Nigam is especially catchy and popular.

The film has a high-quality Blu Ray Rip that enhances the viewing experience. The film has a resolution of 720p, which means it has 1280 x 720 pixels. The film has a dimension ratio of 16:9, which means it has a widescreen format. The film has a clear picture quality and vibrant colors that make it visually appealing.


Chashme Baddoor Full Movie 2013 Blu Ray Rip 720p Dimensions is a must-watch comedy film that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts. The film has a great story, script, cast, music and picture quality that make it a complete entertainer. The film is available on YouTube for online streaming or download. You can also buy or rent it from other platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. 04f6b60f66


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