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The huge science Fiction series from Stephen Purdon
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Gather your friends and family in the living room and begin an adventure that is always growing and evolving.

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Introducing the Series One Anarkand Trading card Game crypto edition deck. A highly sought, hand-painted series of digital art collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Anarkand Prime membership is on its way. Gain exclusive rewards such as: store discounts, profile badges, early access, author access, Adventure exclusives and so much more. Watch this space...  

The Anarkand trading card game is currently being developed. Edinburgh artist Paula kelly is working hard on the designs. The initial release collection will contain 90 cards, with more than 256 planned for Series One.

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Factions of Anarkand

The purple planet, known as anarkand, is heading directly towards our world. Here on Earth, there are six organisations who have been aware of its presence for many years, and have been planning accordingly.

These groups, each with seemingly unlimited resources, have very different goals from one another. It is these contrasting goals that have created a global conflict between them; a conflict that is being played out behind the scenes, away from the public eye, and threatens our very existence. 

Discover the factions, and learn about their aims. One of them will emerge victorious, the question is...which one?

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"What we needed was a saviour...

...or a common enemy.



What we got....we couldn't understand..."

Zahra Adeyemi

Image by Holmo

  C.A.R.N researcher and founder Jack Kellerman has uncovered a large planetary object on a collision course with Earth and tries to warn humankind of its coming. Despite providing evidence to confirm his discovery, the scientific community refuses to acknowledge the impending threat.

  Jack's determination to alert the world leads him to unravel the secrets of a 2300 year cycle of destruction into which a global conflict exists between different groups who know of this objects existence, and of its intensions.

  What becomes clear to Jack as he unearths the truth, is just how deep this conflict goes. A war is on for humanity; Anarkand is coming; the Earth, however, is unprepared.