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Welcome to the new era of science fiction

What is Anarkand?

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Anarkand has been spoken of for centuries. The ancients of our time knew of its existence, and left us drawings, carvings, journals, stories and evidence. Modern man has accomplished much in view of the public eye...


From the rediscovery of electricity in 1752, to penicillin, microchips, and the first lunar landings in 1969. Modern man has strived for greatness, and the discoveries have been vast. However, we humans have danced this dance before, a great many times, and something somewhere stifles our growth; disabling our advancement into the next level of cosmic existence. 


There are many groups around us, hidden from the chasm of publicity, who know exactly what is going on, why we are stifled, and why we reach a point of annihilation. These groups, some of which thousands of years old, have been preparing to shatter what they believe is the glass ceiling placed upon us for millennia. 

Anarkand, the purple planet with a perceived elliptical orbit around our sun, is their target. These shadowy groups claim to know more about this planet and its agenda than anyone else, and are determined to destroy it. However, as is always the case with humanity, there exists a polarising viewpoint, one in which the world of Anarkand is perceived as the saviour.


Anarkand is ready for us, but we are far from ready for it... 

There is much to uncover...

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Discover the Anarkand books

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Out there, deep in space, is another world known as Anarkand. For years, various groups here on Earth have been tracking its journey, and each has concluded that it's headed straight for us. What is this mystery world? what will it bring us? does it contain life? There are those who know the answer and have been preparing accordingly. In just two years time, we will come face-to-face with the great unknown...


Discover a huge science fiction series that is always expanding and ever-growing. A new era is upon us!

Who are the known factions?

stephen purdon anarkand author

Stephen Purdon

 I write science fiction, fantasy stories, poetry, and philosophical works. My science fiction and fantasy stories feature huge conflicts with complexities that match. The characters you will find in these books are multi-layered, living, breathing personalities. I place great significance on reflection of the real world around us and try to demonstrate the many conundrums, trials, and tribulations that many of us face in the reality around us.

I have been planning and preparing for the launch of my debut series known as Anarkand, for the best part of 9 years. The Anarkand series is absolutely huge. I define this as a new era of science fiction. This series centres on what would happen if another world, not too dissimilar to our own, was heading straight for us.