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Anarkand Explained

The Anarkand Story is more than just a series of novels. The Anarkand Story is an experience, and one that I want you to fully enjoy and delve deep into. The plot is huge, and the sub-plots even more so.


The story will evolve in real-time. In between full novel releases there will be additional short stories that expand on the anarkand universe. These will be  character-centric.

  The Anarkand Story will be released in seasons. In each season are numerous items that add to the overall experience of The Anarkand Story, these can be soundtracks, artworks, cards, chronicle novellas and more.


  Everything released in a given season is relevant to the novel from that episode, as such, all item releases are treated as canon. Fan interaction is fully encouraged and welcome.

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Morgan Kellerman Black is a Scottish-born science fiction and fantasy author, psychologist, and philosopher who begun writing and forging the path for the Anarkand Experience. He is best known for his works on the Anarkand Story.




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