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A huge Science Fiction series from author MK Black.

C.A.R.N researcher and founder Jack Kellerman has uncovered a large planetary object on a collision course with Earth and tries to warn humankind of its coming. Despite providing evidence to confirm his discovery, the scientific community refuses to acknowledge the impending threat.

Jack's determination to alert the world leads him to unravel the secrets of a 2300 year cycle of destruction into which a global conflict exists between different groups who know of this objects existence, and of its intensions.


What becomes clear to Jack as he unearths the truth, is just how deep this conflict goes. A war is on for humanity; Anarkand is coming; the Earth, however, is unprepared.

"The ancients tried to tell us that we were not alone in the universe; that another world harbored life. 

They warned us it was coming, and they were right. In less than two years, we will stand face-to-face with our destiny.

Anarkand approaches, and Earth is unprepared"

~ Jack Kellerman ~

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