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Welcome to the new era of
sci-fi horror

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A huge series created and developed by Stephen Purdon

Books and Novels

◉ A huge horror sci-fi waiting to be discovered ◉

  Out there, deep in space, is another world known as Anarkand. For years, various groups here on Earth have been tracking its journey, and each has concluded that it's headed straight for us.


  What is this mystery world? what will it bring us? does it contain life? There are those who know the answer and have been preparing accordingly. In just two years time, we will come face-to-face with the great unknown...


  Discover a huge science fiction series that is always expanding and ever-growing. A new era is upon us!

Anarkand Origins
Kayla Smith Episode 1 Chronicles
Remi Ackington Episode 1 Chronicles
Anarkian Destruction.jpg

Learn about the factions below

◉ Which side are you on? ◉

The Xenocodex

The World

The Factions


The Anarkand Trading Card Game

◉ Browse the full card database ◉

Anarkand Card Game Backside

Discover a new PvP collectible card game that will continue to expand

Anarkand Trading Card Game Card Database

Anarkand online RPG

◉ Experience an ever-expanding online RPG ◉

Lunaris Anarkand RolePlaying Game Logo.png

Discover an ever-expanding online role-playing game for up to five players. Written, voiced, and produced by Anarkand author Stephen Purdon.

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