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MK Black

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it started with the Timo virus...

It spread quickly. Food shortages, community shutdown, nationwide lockdown...

What is the Anarkand Experience?

Episodic novel releases

A 300-plus page novel on the latest part of the Anarkand story. Picks up directly after the last novel, or in the case of Season One's Origins title, sets the story from the beginning. Each novel expands on the story, characters, and interactions, as well as introducing new groups and factions.

New fan opportunities

There are many fans who may want to get involved in the adventure, and as such MK Black has devised many opportunities for fans to get involved. Some examples - Having a named character in the series, listed as a supporter of the series in the end of that seasons novel, listed on fans wall of fame, and so much more. 

The Anarkand Story is more than just a series of novels. The Anarkand Story is an experience, and one that I want you to fully enjoy and delve deep into. The plot is huge, and the sub-plots even more so.


The story will evolve in real-time. In between full novel releases there will be additional short stories that expand on the anarkand universe. These will be  character-centric.

  The Anarkand Story will be released in seasons. In each season are numerous items that add to the overall experience of The Anarkand Story, these can be soundtracks, artworks, cards, chronicle novellas and more.


  Everything released in a given season is relevant to the novel from that episode, as such, all item releases are treated as canon. Fan interaction is fully encouraged and welcome.

Chronicles releases

There is a plethora of information about each character and faction within the story as is, however there will be those who wish to know even more - hence, Chronicles. These novellas, short stories, and factual releases, provide further insight into characters, factions, groups, and objectives.

Soundscapes Album

An MK Black created album is released every season and is crafted to capture key moments in the story, as well as shape the overall mood of the stories ambience. Each track is released seperately, as well as part of an album, and most, if not all the tracks, will have an accompanying video which can be viewed on Anarkand.com.

New Faction Data

With every new faction that is added to the story, or every new group that is uncovered, there will be data made available for your perusal. This data will be broken into a pre-season, and post-season structure.

Pre-season excerpts

MK Black will release up to three seperate chapter excerpts, chosen exclusively to ensure that there are no major spoilers. These will be released on the relevant season page on the Anarkand website, as well as via MK Black's  Twitter.

Character quotes

Selected character quotes will be added to that seasons page. These quotes are chosen by the author, Patreon supporters and website members and are compiled by character

Seasonal Merchandise

Seasonal merchandise will be released, from signed novels, digital albums and certificates, to items that will be released in a limited edition format, relevant to key moments in the story.

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Who is MK Black?


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  MK Black was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on September 22nd 1984. As a child, Black was fascinated by the potential of worlds beyond the Earth. 

"information and spiritual guidance have always been important to me, and the works I produce are based exclusively on my experiences of the immense world beyond, and is reflected in my many poetic works, music, and novels.