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*Please note this is a paid-for character add-on. When purchased, this character will have access to new dialogue options, additional game mechanics, and other options. These options won't show in game, nor will they open up without the purchase of this character via the Lunaris™ Voyager Expansion Pack


Shapeshifters are very rare across Anarkand. Just how rare they are is unknown, but it's believed there may be as little as 80 left in existence. Shapeshifters are amoral. They don't think in terms of what's good or bad, beneficial or harmful, logical or illogical.

The number one priority above everything else for a shapeshifter, is self-preservation at all costs. They will happily throw others to the wolves if it will keep them alive. Through years of transformation, the bending of essence, and the morphing of their physical form, Shapeshifter reproductive capability ceased to be.

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