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Anarkand Origins


 In 2006, C.A.R.N, ( The Cosmic Anomaly Research Centre ) discovers a large planetary object on a collision course with Earth. This cosmic anomaly turns out to be another world, one with an elliptical orbit around our sun.

  C.A.R.N founder and lead researcher, Jack Kellerman, embarks on a mission to alert the world to the impending threat to our existence, but in doing so, he uncovers the truth about its true intentions, and that of humankind.

  The Anarkand story focusses on this new threat to our existence, and unleashes an adventure that ushers in the new era of horror science fiction.

  Jack discovers that there are several organisations here on Earth, and beyond, that have been manipulating and influencing the world around us for a lot longer than most people could ever imagine.

  From the mysterious Raelon Institute with their dark experiments conducted on humans, to the Mecka Engineers, who are determined to militarise the world and prepare for the coming threat of Anarkand.

  Each of the groups are vying for what they believe is the right way to deal with our future, and they will stop at nothing to see their goals come to fruition.

One thing is for certain. A simple question, if you will.

Which side are you on?

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