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Money Attraction Spell  3-day casting

Money Attraction Spell 3-day casting

This order is for a 3-day casting.


This spell is for those who are in need of a change financially. The spell is powerful, in the sense that it works for you in the attraction of a better monetary position. Attraction is just one of the laws of the universe, and this spell draws on the energies of that which surrounds us in the unseen.


The purpose of this spell is to aid in financial freedom, which we are all capable of, but more importantly, are deserving of.


This spell attaches a magnetism to you in the attraction of money, and will promote the growth of self, thus ensuring many opportunities fall upon you.


You may immediately begin to see a clearer path to that which you desire. 


We will also provide detailed personalized advice for abundance, happiness, growth, and success.


Upon receipt of payment, we will get in touch for additional information, please ensure you provide your email below.

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