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Who are The Arkitects?

The Arkitects are major players in the world today. We have woven ourselves into the very fabric of the world around us. You will find that our organisation has a huge hand in the world's elite leadership roles, banking institutions, global corporations, black budget projects, and strategic social strategy.

Our organisation exists solely to improve the everyday lives of ordinary people through the power of collective thought, belief, and hard work. Our operations are multi-faceted, and with good reason. The world we live in is at an impasse, there is much chaos and destruction. Poverty and increasing prices are more commonplace nowadays than ever before, despite the many advancements we have made as a species.

Famine, drought, disease, suffering, and corruption of the mind and body, are present in everyday life, for everyday people, in every single country around the world. It is clear that the human race has become a perversion of its true purpose.

We promote the wellbeing of humanity, and strive to improve the overall human system of reproduction, growth, and health. The job of an Arkitect is to ensure that the best practices possible for human development, are being adhered to by those we are forced to share our world with. In addition, members of the Arkitects work hard to implement change for the betterment of all, via applied structural upheaval into destructive and often archaic societal systems that have held us back as a species for far too long.

We aim to help our planets inhabitants by reaching the pinnacle of the vessels design. Our founder, Jan Talesnikov, put it best when addressing the world leadership forum, stating that:

"When we achieve our goals, and we will. Your mind will be cleansed and focussed. You will regain control of your mind, and your body will follow. We all understand the need to conquer both in order to fulfil our purpose, and to begin or continue its progress.

We are almost challenged to fail, but regaining control ensures that our destiny as a collective can be achieved. We are to become smart sentient beings, but somewhere along the way we have lost ourselves to greed, evil acts, and false belief systems, all of which are destroying our core.

We are experiencing the most connected time in our human history, yet we are disconnected from one another. Our language has been diluted further, our academic prowess is regressing at an alarming rate, and the very things that we all cherish and hold dear, things such as family, free time, good health, and education, are being attacked from various different organisations, with varying degrees of ineptitude and self-serving agendas.

Anarkand is a destination, one which, when reached, leads to fulfillment of our true purpose. We are aware of the issues of the world today, and have a clear view of where that leads us to in the future, should it remain unchecked, and unchallenged.

The people of the world, the global citizens, see the beauty of the world around them, and its potential to be a place of sheer paradise, yet they can see and feel the darkness which is building up around them, destroying that which was once handsome. If this trend continues, the people will rise. There will be no winners. There will be no losers. There will only be an acceleration in the extinction of humanity.

The Earth is the heartstone of our solar system. Affectionately known as the orb of dreamers, It is the energy source for the worlds around us, and we are the ones who power it. We are determined to forge ahead with our plans for a better world, amore connected world, where people don't only survive, but thrive.

Those who oppose us try their best to stifle our progress. They will not succeed, for we are together in our endeavours and have been for centuries. Let us remind those who oppose the good work of the Arkitects...

Great things are achieved in the span of a single human lifetime, but extraordinary things are crafted over many of those lifetimes, and we have been here a lot longer than you think."


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