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We are your only hope

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Out there, in the vast nothingness of space, exists something; something so devastating that your governments, your space agencies, and your chosen leaders, have hidden its existence from you for years, decades...centuries. Out there, is another world. A world so intertwined with our very own existence that it bears much resemblence to our world and way of life.

You may doubt us, but ask yourself this...

Why are your governments increasing taxes tenfold across the board?

Why are they investing heavily in defence shelters, underground vaults, and protective tunnel systems that stretch for hundreds of miles?

Why is your state sponsored space agency drip-feeding useless information on defunct planets and the moon?

Why are your space agencies scrambling to build defence-based missile systems all across the world?

What are they looking for?

What is it that they fear?

What are they preparing for?

You are being lied to...

Your governments lie to you.

Your elected, or rather, selected leaders, lie to you.

Your space agency lies to you.

Let us be clear...

Your God is not real.

Your religion is false.

Your way of life keeps you chastised, bound by the illusion of voluntary service to self, and family.

You are living a lie.

We are your only hope for survival. Accept this, and your chance for salvation will be greatly improved.

Many people will fall for the orchestrated agenda to "out" us as the bad guy in a story that stretches over millenia. We ask that you heed our warning, for time is running out for all of us. We are here for the good of humankind. Our existence, aims to protect yours.

The purple planet, or Anarkand as we now know it, is coming for us. Whatever its purpose, whatever its motives; they cannot be good for any of us. We have something they want, what that is, for now, is unclear. There is no disputing the threat that we face. We are not alone in the universe, and it is time you and your fellow man understood this.


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