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The Deum Verum - Second Degree

The Second Degree or Deum Verum is a latin term for 'Truth God'. Members who are at Deum Verum level understand the premise of the truth of god and the truest nature of humankind. A greater understanding of self is uncovered and we are reminded of who we truly are. Our ancestors gave so much, and in the passage of time, a lot was taken from them. Strength, power, and human ability, the likes of which we see rarely today, were commonplace back then. The Deum Verum will learn more about such things and how to use them.

The Deum Verum will understand the use of sigil magick individually, and as a collective and will be entered upon mass empowerment rituals, which are worldwide power harvesting events. Not yet ready to teach, the Deum Verum instead will learn more about themselves than anything else. This is what is most important at this stage. Self. The Deum Verum will have a greater emphasis on philosophy, intellectual enlightenment and wisdom. The vows that are undertaken are secretive, but are designed for the betterment of self and Earth.

You will be ready to advance to the third degree, Maraka, when you become proficient in the lessons of the Deum Verum Degree.


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