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Tenets of The Arkitects

1. Every incarnation we are given on Earth is an incredible gift and a step closer to reaching the highest point of evolution.​​

2. We must have empathy, care, and love for all of Mother Gaia's creations.

3. We must always elevate and illuminate others, and ensure our continued growth as a collective.

4. As an intellectual being, and a member of The Arkitects, you are entrusted to empower one another in order to ensure individual and collective achievement.

5. You are responsible for the conscious creations you incarnate on Earth. We must ensure that our bourne consciousness is given the tools needed to evolve beyond the Earth. This is achieved by love, empathy, care, attention, nurturing, and empowering with the energies of light and dark.

​ 6. We will never deny ourselves worldly possessions or material wealth. The only time we should do so, is if there is a direct cause of pain or hurt to another.

​ 7. We will work together for the greater good of all mankind, but we must first focus on ourselves and our families. Secondly, we must focus on ensuring that our fellow Arkitects are taken care of.

8. We must leave the Earth in a better way than we found it. This ensures our evolutionary growth is one step closer, and that future incarnations of ourselves, and our created consciousness, have a better world to experience.

​ 9. In the next life, you will be the result of your actions in this life. If you do not evolve to the next stage, then you shall return to earth. The pain you inflict on others will be reflected in the next. The chaos and destruction you bring to this world and others will be to the detriment of your next incarnation. Heed this warning, and understand it well.

​ 10. We must not fear the dark. We should embrace it as much as the light. This keeps us grounded and ensures that we have an understanding of all that has been given to us in this world. Darkness is simply the absence of light.


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