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Observation - Anarkand

Years ago, we discovered the appearance of another world within our solar system. "Anarkand” which is connected with many of the worlds more ancient belief systems, and religions, was categorised by many as the “Nemesis star”.

Thanks to our Sentinel program, we have garnered additional data about the world we discovered, and were able to confirm a 3,200 year elliptical orbit, although it displays elements of artificial intelligence in its movements. The planet itself should be with us, based on its current course, by 2032, although some Sentinel estimations place it as later, due to its uniquely placed navigational display property.

We have known of its existence for some years now, and have planned accordingly. Many of the worlds energy and food crises, were developed, engineered, and constructed in order to prepare humanity for what we believe will be catastrophic changes. Many factors have been taken into consideration, from gravitational and magnetic pull, and atmospheric changes on the Earth. Our full findings were published last year and are available online.

Whilst the world chooses to indulge in many conspiracy theories regarding the planetary object, and / or, our published works, we have remained focussed and determined to forge ahead with the observation and react projects with which the global government supports.

The argument against Anarkand is dangerous, however we are not in the business of alluding to peoples fears, failure to understand comprehensive data and analysis, or an individuals personal incredulity.

Further observation of Anarkand appear to contradict the laws of celestial mechanics. One prime example of this is a distinct lack of gravitational impact on objects, mass, and celestial bodies that may, or indeed have, been in the general vicinty of Anarkand itself. The existence of orbital resonances normally guarantees the absence of gravitational effects of other bodies, such as Anarkand, in this case.

However, whilst this is what we are seeing, the fact remains, that Anarkand exists, is detectable, and is navigating our solar system. We have our eyes on the skies, our telescopes trained on where to look, and Sentinel running deep real-time analysis in order to better understand how to manage what is to come.


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