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Mandates for members

  • You are strong as an individual, but we are stronger as legion.

  • Do not suffer fools or ignorants. We are here to develop as individuals, and thus propel the collective ability and future integrity of humanity.

  • Respect your craft as a member of the Arkitects, and as a member of the human race. Always ensure protection of the information, and \ or the secrets learned.

  • Respect your time, for this is your greatest currency.

  • Do not suffer anger, hate, or stress, by proxy of someone else.

  • Respect the boundaries of others, and be aware of the limitations of others.

  • Do not be liberal with the knowledge of our craft. You have harnessed its power, others have not.

  • Do not harm another, unless your position as an Earthly being is under attack. Respect the laws of this domain.

  • Do not indulge in the destruction of others using knowledge gained as an Arkitect unless there is merit to the action.

  • Do not give oneself to false love

  • Understand the Tenets of The Arkitects

  • Do not deceive yourself or your inner feelings. Be true to your inner self at all times.

  • Revenge is permissible within the laws of this domain. You are not to be a victim.

  • Work through the degrees of The Arkitects and reconcile with your truest self, the highest of high, the version of you that has broken free of incarnation on Earth.


  • You are but one, we are many. Together we grow.


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