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Founders - Trenz Huelsbeck

Chris Trenz

Chris Trenz has been both an investor and executive in numerous technology companies and is currently on the Board of BioMasque and AnaCom. Chris was the Chairman of BioMasque, a provider of software for managing neurochip behaviour implementation. During this time he completed the merger of both companies with AnaCom founder Manfred Huelsbeck, and Trenz Huelsbeck was born.

He was the COO of Advent Software, a leading provider of robotics and AI software. Advent was subsequently acquired by Purple Softworks and the combined company was sold to The Mecka Engineering group for $1B.

During more than 25 years of software development, AI implementation, and robotics engineering, Chris has overseen rapidly growing companies where he was responsible for strategy, operations, and financing. In addition Chris was responsible for the Humecha program as well as the procurement and reverse engineering of the Sentinel substance he and his own team discovered in Peru in 2003. He has extensive experience in growing tech companies.


Manfred Huelsbeck

Manfred Huelsbeck is a co-founder of Trenz Huelsbeck and a 25 year industry veteran with an extensive background in computer and robotic engineering. He is an experienced operator with strong development, technology, robotics and Sentinel experience.

Manfred has guided Trenz Huelsbeck through its evolution from innovative robotics company to full on medical group, biochemistry, and global leader in machine integration in society. Manfred serves on multiple boards and advisory boards of both for-profit and non-profit organizations, including his role as President and a founding board member of the Rights for Robots International.


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