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Trenz Huelsbeck is a rapidly growing company who are looking for the best and brightest to join our team. We accept resumes for positions within sales, marketing, software engineering, and Sentinel engineering.

We offer many exciting career growth opportunities for talented and highly motivated individuals.

Social Media Account Manager

Company Trenz Huelsbeck is the leader in robotics, biological engineering, psycho-engineering, vaccine development, and medicinal construction. Trenz Huelsbeck serves companies in aerospace, automotive, energy, high-tech, transportation, marine, and medical equipment, with a worldwide network of technology and implementation partners.

Opportunity Trenz Huelsbeck is currently seeking an experienced and results oriented senior social media account manager with a proven track record in driving engagement with all forms of company social media. We desire high numbers of followers, shared content, and viral marketing to garner more attention on our company and our goals.

You will be responsible for the prospecting of new followers, on all of our social media platforms. These will be launched prior to you joining the team and showing us what you can do.

  • Develop and expand engagement, followers, subscribers and more.

  • Identify, qualify and alert us to new customers

  • Sell directly the information and products we advise you to, which is unveiled once you join.

  • Participate in company marketing events and other websites in order to drive traffic to our social media platforms.

  • Actively work to improve and contribute to the company’s social media platforms.

  • Run company advertisements as per our criteria

Required Education, Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrable ability to build social media platforms

  • Demonstrate ability to increase engagement

  • Proven track record of seo techniques with results


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