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The Alpha Program

What is the Alpha Program?

The Alpha program was launched in late 2002. It was developed to study the deeper forms of human nature and psychological development. The program involves placing people into a state of suspended animation for what the subjects believed was to be 2 years. Instead, the program has developed into a fully mappable, fully traceable, events-based reality simulator, that has now run for over 25 years.

Each of the subjects that were chosen for the program, and there are over 4,000 of them and counting, were connected via our Sentinel memory hubs, to a special virtual reality simulator. The test subjects were chosen from a list of over 32,000 candidates. Each of the subjects were manically depressed, tired of living, homeless, or struggling to engage in our ever-changing world. All subjects were fully aware of the program and its intentions before signing up to the program.

What we promised in return was a new life, a new world to explore, a place of beauty, compassion, and wonder. This would free them from their current physical life, for which many had fallen out of love with. Our Alpha program, once an individual is deployed, is unknown to them. They join the simulation free of the memories of their physical existence. They experience all that the real world offers, birth, growth, development, suffering, hardship, joy, love, and death.

The program is designed to measure the correlation between an individuals physiological and psychological tendency to resort to the nature they were configured with at birth in the real world.

Subjects were advised that the program will free them of the chastity that the real world has placed upon them. We promise each subject that the simulation will provide them with everything they would need to live a fantastic second life. They have the capability to make friends, forge a new career, and raise a family.

Subjects would also have the ability to work the jobs they love, buy the house of their dreams, own the car they've always wanted, live a life of good health, physically and mentally, and live out their greatest fantasies.

The program has been a success thusfar, and has yielded significant results. The results will remain private of course.

How does the program configure life?

The Alpha program covers life and death in the expected way, much like as in modern computer / videogames. When a new test subject signs up to the program, we simply add them to the simulation as someone who has recovered from a coma within the simulation, at which point they assume an avatar closely resembling the data we have sourced from brain pattern recognition, and Sentinel discovery technologies.

Our second, and probably most common method of adding new subjects to the program as naturally as possible, is to trigger pregnancy within one of the subjects already residing in the simulation. At which point, we have 8-9 months to erase all memories of the subject who will enter into the simulation, allowing us time to configure everything correctly before the "natural" birth takes place and the subject becomes consciously aware within the program.

How do you decide upon the options above?

We decide on a number of factors, however they mainly come down to the simplicity of real world age, gender, fitness, life expectancy and so on. If a prospective new test subject is above the age of 40 in the real world then it is far more logical to invoke the coma wake-up scenario, so as to give them more time within the simulation, before real world death.

Younger prospects will be entered into the program through birthing.

How does the program configure death?

If death occurs in the physical world, then the avatar in the real world is programmed to die suddenly of cardiac arrest, or sudden death. In the case of real world failing health, the avatar in the simulation will develop long-term illness that is reflective of the real world situation, so as to prepare the avatars friends, family etc for what the outcome could be.

Avatars will experience funerals and cremations as standard, with the avatar being terminated from the program and all data being stored within our servers for further research and analysis.

In addition, if an avatar dies within the system, they will be reset. All data will be stored for research and analysis and the subject will be given a new avatar via either birthing, or coma wake-up protocols. All memories of their previous avatars life will be erased, so as to protect the integrity of the system itself.

How does time pass in the simulation?

Time passes in the same way real life does. 24 hours in a day. There are day and night cycles, and of course seasons.

What type of data is procured, and what analysis is conducted?

This information at the present time is classified.


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