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Mission Statement

About Trenz Huelsbeck

Trenz Huelsbeck is a multi-national life sciences organisation with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Since being founded, we have provided a range of cell biology custom research services, as well as experimental analysis and detailed reporting to a wide variety of clients ranging from biotech companies to large international pharmaceutical companies. We have established close working ties with some of the world's biggest corproations, governments, and research organisations, and have gained a reputation for responsiveness and scientific excellence. We are much more than just a research company, just take a look at some of our numbers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop biological and mechanical systems that will improve humanity collectively, and individually. Our extensive knowledge in research, experimentation, clinical psychology, cell and stem cell biology, and advance robotics, as well as our famed 3rd Generation Humecha program, allows us the luxury of being the worlds premier biotechnology company.


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