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Trenz Huelsbeck is a terrestrial and extra-terrestrial robotics, AI, and computer development company dedicated to creating Earth defence and attack systems, software programs that propel humanity to the next level of evolution, socially intelligent machines, and Humecha, our 3rd generation synthetic humans.

Founded by Chris Trenz and Manfred Huelsbeck, we have built an exceptional global reputation for creating human / machine hybrids that are genuinely sentient. The Humecha program, running off and based on our proprietary Sentinel technology, has allowed us to develop machines from human biology, thus granting life to some who would never have the chance to experience.

Our renowned first generation models were capable of "thought", acted alive, behaved in a human manner, displayed understanding of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and were able to fulfil an excellent array of computations, tasks, and physical labour. The first gens were utilised most widely in automated delivery systems, military and police operations, and basic tasks such as automating everyday tasks for people.

Some examples of everyday tasks included developing "singular homes" which our first gens still used for today, turning on and off washing machines, gas central heating, electricity, generators, boiling kettles, controlling lights, microwaves, windows, doors and much more. These basic versions of the 1st gens allowed people more time and freedom to enjoy life and work, whilst removing the menial tasks associated with daily living.

2nd generation machines, whilst not yet classed as Humecha, were utilised in space exploration, navigation of harsh terrain, exploring otherwise unreachable areas on Earth, safety and survival operations, and much more. These models are still produced to this day and continue their functions as intended.

Over 6,000 2nd gen models are purchased per year and are put to use in a variety of different ways. They are powered by Sentinel technology and have inpenetrable failsafe and cybersafe technologies as standard.

The 3rd generation models are our greatest achievement to date. Although initially controversial for many, the Humecha program was launched, and we begun work on our 3rd generation Sentinel-powered machines.

These machines, to us, are sentient. They live, they breathe, they make choices, they make mistakes, they learn, they develop, and above all else they are human.

Humecha is the amalgamation of man and machine. The human brain, working in conjunction with Sentinel, allows our 3rd gens to think freely; to feel emotion just as you would, to feel pain as you would, to love, to laugh. Our technology gives people another chance at life.

So far the Humecha program has allowed those born with dangerous life-threatening illnesses or extreme deformities, the chance to live. Our program gives those people not only a life, but a greater life with less restriction, and more opportunity to thrive, due to the process with which we develop them.

3rd Gens operate beyond the standard general level of human thought and intelligence, as well as benefitting from higher levels of strength and unlimited endurance. Problem-solving is never an issue and new information can be supplanted into the "brain" of the Humecha at any given time, from anywhere in the world, and all in the time it takes to make a coffee.

*** The entire process and how the procedure works cannot be detailed here for legal and private reasons. ***

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