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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Arkitect?

There exists over a million people out there in the world who are aware of the true purpose of the human being, and how we, and the animal kingdom fit into the grand design of our universe. Many people around the world have been waiting for confirmation, and through the elevation of human spirit, and mind, we will approach that day and make the world a better place.

People have interpreted dreams, and abductions in ways that are restricted to the knowledge garnered through Earthly incarnation, and limited information, but many of these people know there is something bigger; something that is beyond our limitations. It must also be said that the vast majority of Earths inhabitants have yet to be activated ( illuminated )

The Temple of The Arkitects was founded to empower the individual human once more. Our purpose is to connect intellectual people and work together to provide solutions to the many challenges that are facing the generations to come, which includes our sons, daughters, and grandchildren. We have a duty to make this world a better place for them and theirs.

We have so many great minds out there, who either have no voice, no platform, or are indebted by the cruelty of the social system that surrounds us, and the labels that stifle our development. There is a number of huge problems facing our world and beyond, and one of the biggest is loneliness, and disconnectedness between people.

The solutions to Earth's problems could well lie inside the minds of those lonely, solitary people. We believe it is time to connect people and build a community that is focussed on helping one another and their families to accomplish and achieve human desires.

What do we do?

What is the overall goal

How will we achieve those goals

How is religion viewed by the organisation?

Can anyone join The Arkitects?

Who is the founder of the Arkitects?


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