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Mecka Vulture

The Mecka information module utilises the latest technology in global communications. Wars of any kind require detailed levels of intelligence, and at present, our communications and intelligence gathering technology is built with powerful protection against malicious nation attacks, whilst ensuring we can transfer large amounts of data, without interruption.

The Mecka Vulture, is utilised in land environments, and is our proprietary communications system. It uses Internet Protocol technology to provide a high capacity, secure, communications system for all areas of M.A.I.A

Mecka Inter-Link

The Mecka Inter-Link allows full communication between all operatives within the field, including those stationed in our tech centres. The Inter-Link is the method used to transfer information between all of our mechanised soldiers and is delivered instantly. It is the most advanced form of technology between machine-based infantry units, with data transferred, being stored on internal drives within each soldier, until such times as it is extracted by Mecka HQ.

The data is collated automatically, server-side in our Mecka data-hub, and upon completion, is wiped from each individual unit. Our soldiers and other intelligence gathering machines will self-destruct upon removal of the drives, or in the case of any tampering, making them the complete attack and defence model.


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