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 Jack Kellerman responded to the latest controversy surrounding C.A.R.N, specifically the organisations latest disclosure of imagery and video evidence. A large number of people have expressed their belief that the 'evidence' provided is clearly fake and easily falsifiable. Kellerman said of the imagery:

  "What we have released today into the public domain is one hundred percent genuine. We never have, nor will we ever, falsify any imagery that we put out into the public domain. It is not in our; or our future generations interest to do such a thing. The usual suspects, and I am looking at the disinformation agents here, are always quick to react in situations like this. Yet again, we have been stung with their desire to either shield the world from this heavenly body hurtling towards us, or to downright deny its existence. In doing so, they compound us to a future that we are not preparing for."

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