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Base Hawk ComLink Raelon Operative

CURRENT USER: System Admin - Clearance Level 2401.


 The purpose of Base Hawk is to provide subjects in our Prometheus facility with everything they need to complete the task set before them. The task of Base hawk therefore is to provide fully functioning sanitation properties, food, drink, and communication which promotes mental well-being and subject productivity. 

The subjects at Prometheus have been chosen carefully to complete the task of creating a biological improvement from a subset of curated human subjects. Upon successful completion of this task, all amenities, resources, and consumables are to be terminated. Sanitation is not to be provided. Subjects are to be observed during these times and no interaction is to take place for as long as they survive. 

The successful test subject is to be retrieved by any means necessary and transported to the Raelon Institute for more advanced monitoring. Termination of all Base Hawk employees shall then take effect via specified gas release protocols. These protocols pertain  to the individual living pods of the individual employee.

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