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Sentinel Proprietary Technology

Trenz Huelsbeck's proprietary and fully-patented Sentinel technology has been utilised worldwide and deployed in over 100 countries for a number of different programs and purposes. From humble beginnings, developing the first generation cyborgs and human-like robots, to our current, highly synthetic 3rd Generation models.

Our 3G robots, or synthetic humans, which we now refer to as Humecha, are built on the back of our Sentinel technology. Sentinel is a unique combination of science, engineering, and artistry, as well as machine learning and AI development. Sentinel has now reached a point where it grows, evolves, listens, learns, understands, and develops all in real time, and all with complete ease.

Sentinel is neither a software, nor a hardware, it is somewhere in between. It is more than just a program, it is, what we prefer to describe it as, semi-sentient. Sentinel is a platform for advanced learning, studying, and improvement. From the initial development of super computer level technology, to a small, but highly powerful and efficient device, Sentinel can be deployed in a variety of different ways.

Sentinel is simultaneously a human-crafted technology, that propels us into a new future of man and machine, and a platform for continued growth in AI and robotics. Sentinel is a framework for cutting edge robotics and data analysis. Information and understanding is at levels beyond human comprehension. Sentinel has mapped out structural and natural disasters to within seconds, collating utilising data in response, in real-time.

Sentinel is very much alive, maybe not in the classic sense of the word, but it is as robust as any human being to have ever lived, any computer ever built, and any system software, or program that has ever been written. Sentinel has actually surpassed all previous expectations. For example, sentinel has been used for research that seeks to understand illness, decay, and the age old question of mankind, just how do we live forever?

No matter where you are in the world, you will, in some way, find yourself interacting with Sentinel technology. From replacing the old RFID systems of commerce and data tracking, to day-by-day robotics and sytem analysis, you will find Sentinel, in every continent on Earth, in every spacecraft, rocket, and space explorer built since 2012, and within every day household products, such as televisions, microwaves, and even doorbells.

Sentinel is alive. Sentinel is power to us all.

Chris Trenz.


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