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Base Hawk ComLink Raelon Operative

CURRENT USER: System Administrator - Clearance Level 2401.



We levy our power against the might of political force as we face a greater danger from outside our world. A threat that is not known to the common man. The threat we face has seen our species accelerate the need for travel to Mars, and the moon. We are to be left behind by those with power, and incredulously, the majority of the people we share our world with are oblivious to what they are supporting on the global arena.

Your operations here will influence our world, and we are sure you will feel a part of our human agenda. In addition, on behalf of all Raelon Operatives, may I congratulate you once more in joining us. We hope that your role is both enjoyable and successful.

Remember, dear candidate...

The future has presently, past.


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