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Base Hawk ComLink Raelon Operative

CURRENT USER: System Administrator - Clearance Level 2401.



Dear sir / madam:

Today you have made a decision that will change your life forever. I am delighted to welcome you to the Raelon Institute. As you will soon discover, The Raelon Institute, is a welcoming organisation, and one which we are looking forward to integrating you. We are one of the most progressive institutes in the world and our hertitage stems back thousands of years. Yes, thousands.

The surface level of our world knows not of our presence, and this suits our agenda. You have signed the NDA and any breach of the information therein contained will result in the harshest punishment of the law. As you grow within our organisation, you who will play a significant role in pushing our agenda for a world without fear; a world where the creative minds of our very best individuals can operate as one, freely.

We oppose the notion of world orders, and we oppose the very vehicles that are used to further global political agendas. You will learn as you progress, and as a collective. It is important that I state now that we are excited that you have chosen, or have been chosen, to join the institute and we look forward to working with you to quell the very principles that are being instilled in our youngest minds to bring about a dangerous hive mentality that alludes to the benefit of a small percentage of humankind.

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