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Mecka Combat Vehicles

The Mecka Tank

The Mecka Tank has been built with full Mecka-Tek specifications. It has been constructed to destroy other tanks and armoured vehicles.

There are 120 of these units already deployed and waiting in position across western Europe, at designated potential target areas. We have just under 300 that are waiting to be utilised. By next year we have we will have at least another 80 of these units in reserve.

Mass - 62.5 tonnes (61.5 long tons; 68.9 short tons), with a combat-ready weight of 75.0 tonnes (73.8 long tons; 82.7 short tons) with add-on armour modules.

The Mecka tank is controlled vis our Mecka-Tek communications system that entails manual and automatic deployment, control, firing, loading, and driving. We do however allow for 4 men crews to operate the vehicle manually in areas where Mecka HQ cannot reach.

Battery - Trenz Sentinel 350

Speed - Up to 97mph


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