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The XL-400 is a 195mm self-propelled weapon.

The XL-400 is fitted with a 195mm, 39-calibre gun barrel. Payload delivered = 295kg on single target within 10 seconds.

Automated loading system.

Burst rate of four rounds in ( average ) 10 seconds.

High intensity rate of eight rounds in 60 seconds.

Sustained rate for three minutes.

Full recoil

Hydrogas suspension

Trenz Huelsbeck Sentinel powered

Full 360° fire.

Range 32.1km

Vehicle range 460km

Speed - 60kph

MGLR - Mecka Guided Launch Rocket

Pinpoint accuracy

Payload delivered - 230 lb high explosive warhead

GPS guidance with additional Mecka Systems guidance chip

Accurate beyong 90km

4 Guns operated using Mecka-Tek

2 Missile rounds in 8 seconds

Rockets 12 rounds

Mecka Skytorch

Air defence missile system

Full radar

Mecka control system

Can simultaneously intercept and guide 32 missiles

3D large range radar system with 360 degree deep-beam technology

Integrated data with Mecka HQ and Mecka soldiers

Missile - 104Kg each

Range 26km

Eliminates fighter aircraft, drones, and laser-guided smart bombs, and Sentinel powered bombs.


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