Outer Space

Welcome to the new era of science fiction

Welcome to Anarkand, dear reader...

  In 2006, a scientific discovery was made that should have awoken our world to an outside danger that was headed straight for us. Instead, the mainstream scientific community didn't take it seriously, and the one who discovered the impending threat, Jack Kellerman, founder of the Cosmic Anomaly Research Network, or C.A.R.N, would find himself lambasted by his peers, disconnected from the community he loved, and ridiculed the world over.

  Undeterred, Jack continued to study the anomalous object, connecting it to ancient teachings, stories, and folklore. After years of study, he had the proof. The purple planet, Anarkand, was coming, and not for the first time in human history. Jack tries to warn humankind of its coming, and despite providing evidence to confirm his discovery, the scientific community refuses to acknowledge the impending threat and the world at large simply believes it to be a hoax.

  Jack's determination to alert the world leads him to unravel the secrets of a 2300 year cycle of destruction into which a global conflict exists between different groups who know of this objects existence, and of its intensions. After an attempt on his life and that of his son Cameron, Jack comes to the realisation that the secret world of Anarkand is to remain just that, a secret, until it can't no more.

The episodic nature of releases and the book types explained

book types

Main Books

The main books of the Anarkand story can be read as standalone titles and are released in phases. These are the books that shape the overall story of the Anarkand universe and need to be read in order.

Chronicles Books

Chronicles are added books released as part of a wider phase and are designed to add additional lore to the overall story of Anarkand. Chronicles focus on people, places, historical events and more.

Free Extras

The Extras section of the website is there to provide additional content to enhance the readers knowledge of the world of Anarkand and the story I am developing. This content is 100% free to access.

The episodic nature of releases

  The Anarkand story is absolutely huge. There are many moving parts, a plethora of characters, and a deep, rich storyline that is evolving all the time. I have decided to structure the story three-fold. The first way is to write and release the main story books. This is the bread and butter of the Anarkand universe, and as such can be read back-to-back on their own. This will deliver an excellent Anarkand experience.

  However, there is only so much information that can be delivered in this way due to the sheer size of the strory, the history, and its characters. As such, for those readers who wish to expand their knowledge on each of the characters, I have created an optional series of books called chronicles which will expand on characters and locations. This is purely for fans who want to know even more!

  Let me reiterate, chronicles are purely optional. The main story books will never lack in character depth or information. but of course, there is much history in these characters and for those who wish to know more, the chronicles books will help to expand on them.

  In addition to the above, I will be releasing tonnes of free content here on the website that offers added lore, information, and history. Again none of this will affect those who wish only to read the main books. This is a decision I took to provide extra free content to those who support the huge undertaking of creating, developing, and writing the Anarkand universe. In essence, it is my way of saying thank you.

  I will be releasing the story in an episodic format that incorporates, books, chronicles, Free extras, Soundscapes and much more as we move forward. I believe this to be the best format, and the one that will deliver the most content to Anarkand fans. I hope you like the format, enjoy the books, and relish the content that is to come. 

Yours graciously,

MK Black