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CURRENT USER: Anarkian Neophyte - Clearance Level 1024.



  Anarkand is a long-term science fiction project that will evolve in real time. The story will primarily be presented as a book series, with the aim being a quintology. The series will utilise all forms of social media to add additional lore and progression of the characters, factions, and the overall story.


  Anarkand will be designed to be as interactive as possible for fans. As it unfolds, the author intends to grant the ability to each and every one of you, to shape its progression, and aid in its development. There are six factions in the series. As the story marches forward, each of these factions will reveal themselves, making it clear their intentions for humanity. Their goals, and objectives will be clear to understand.


  There is no doubting that these factions will either coincide with your own belief systems, or choices; or the opposite. Through time, you will most likely align yourself with the faction that rings truest to you.


  The factions will play a heavy role in the real world, and all readers and fans are encouraged to engage in the many avenues that will be created for each of them. 


  The stage has been set, and the story is being developed at present by author Stephen Purdon. Please stay tuned for updates.


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