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Discover the lore of Anarkand

The Organisations

Learn about the major players in the Anarkand universe, from the mysterious Raelon Institute, to the Mecka Engineers. 
Which side are you on?

Other Groups

Learn about the minor groups in the Anarkand universe, from the Anarkian Brotherhood who worship the purple planet, to the international assassination group known as Papilion.

The Planet Anarkand

  In 2006, C.A.R.N, ( The Cosmic Anomaly Research Centre ) discovers a large planetary object on a collision course with Earth. This cosmic anomaly turns out to be another world, one with an elliptical orbit around our sun.

C.A.R.N founder and lead researcher, Jack Kellerman, embarks on a mission to alert the world to the impending threat to our existence, but in doing so, he uncovers the truth about its true intentions, and that of humankind.