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MK Black Official Press Kit

Short Biography

When I was younger, I had a fascination with the world and its inner workings. I often wondered how things fit together, how people corroborate on huge projects, why the world was in dire straits, and how there was very little in the way of aide to those I saw suffer on the streets of where I grew up.

I had a phenomenal teacher. A person who got me engaged in the mysteries of the world, from the Nazca lines, to the ancient structures and monoliths of our ancestors, to the pyramids, and the possibility of life beyond our world. That teacher was my father; to me the most intelligent and inspirational human I have ever known, even to this day.

As I grew older, my thirst for knowledge grew with me, and I found myself embroiled in the great unknown, indulging my desire to learn more about the esoteric structure of our world. I was determined to garner as great an understanding of the universe around us, and the many potential worlds that inhabit its womb. To this end, I discovered a lot more than I maybe should have, and I am desperate to share what I know.


I used to laugh at the notion of a one man secret meeting on a mountain top somewhere in Brazil, where beings from other worlds; Gods even, would come down and share wisdom, especially when it would be more beneficial to share with the world entirely rather than with one individual. However, I no longer laugh, and I no longer mock, for I understand the reasons why, and whilst I may not fully comprehend the magnitude of our collective purpose, I am damn sure etermined to learn more.


  A strange thing happens to us all; something forgotten beyond our formative years. During the time of conclusion of a former life, we are granted a greater understanding of the laws of evolution through various portals of mind, body, and spirit. It is down to us o remember. It is up to us to seek the answers, for they WILL be revealed.


For me, it took an unbelieavable heart-ache, before an understanding of the true purpose of our universe was recovered. I now possess a more preeminent awareness of the chess game being played around us, and now that I know it and the laws which govern it, it has became more and more obvious.


Wonder, imagination, information, and spiritual guidance have always been important to me, and the works I produce are based exclusively on my experiences of the immense world beyond, and is reflected in my many poetic works, music, art, and novels.

Anarkand Novel Kit

Large image of front book cover for Anarkand: Origins. 

This is the first book in the Anarkand series.

Novel Excerpt

Full excerpt - Chapter Two.

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