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Your evolutionary growth

We are here because we have much to learn. We have been given an opportunity to live, to love, and to experience the world around us. We should all strive each day to be able to reach our highest and truest selves. The connection we have is getting stronger, but we have a long way to go to get there. In this connected age, more of us will achieve the ultimate conscious reward of moving on from the Earth permanently.

Before all of that, there is a system; a system that grants us an earthly incarnation where every person is beautifully crafted. We have been designed in many shapes and forms, and granted a plethora of differing talents, skills, and abilities. We all have a purpose, and that is to learn, teach, inspire, and progress.

I write in my books about how the universe itself, is learning, teaching, and progressing. The universe is still like a wonder-filled infant child, desperate to experience the environments and energies that encompass its omnipotence. There are few errors in this universal creation, but they do indeed exist. Many arguments have been made among free-thinkers as to whether these "errors" are truly errors, or are part of a series of trials and tribulations that we must undergo to progress ourselves.

It is time for you to find The Hidden Power Within You.

From the smallest atom to the largest creature, everything on the Earth appears to have been designed according to a strict set of rules, all of which intelligently and purposefully crafted, to ensure that the future design of the adolescent universe, evolution if you wish to call it that, will unfold as is intended.

When we acknowledge this purposeful design, then we can begin to understand that we are more important than many people seem to now believe. We need to change our perceptions that life is a game, and that we are simply here to play a small part. We are powerful individuals, and incredibly important. We were not created differently by pure chance alone. We are who we are, and for a reason. The sooner we accept this the better.

The key to accepting love and spirit is to be open to learning about loving yourself. The answers do not always reveal themselves to us, but through practice and emotional learning, they will appear more often, until they become as natural to you as blinking your eyes. Answers always manifest in numbers, colours, images and dreams. When your heart is open to learning, the answers will come.

Our biggest enemy in accepting love is not only allowing the negative judgements of others to affect us, but in fact, our own self-judgements. Many of us struggle with self-love simply because we judge and reject ourselves, and are overly-critical of actions and behaviours, even when staying true to our inner being.

Self-judgment can still be a good thing, when you are judging yourself by your own standards, however when used negatively to scrutinize, minimize, bad-mouth, or harm ourselves, either physically or mentally, the damage is often dangerous. Unfortunately, a large proportion of people are in the habit of doing this, due to social conditioning, childhood, and life experiences.

We can all overcome destructive self-judgment, and negative ways of thinking, we just need to want it, and be willing to change.

With Love,

Stephen Purdon


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