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Wild Dumatra 1 . 4 . 1 . 40

Wild Dumatra Anarkand Trading Card
Wild Dumatra Anarkand Trading Card

Wild Dumatra

Series 1

Set 4

Set Number 1

Overall Card Number 40

  1. When this card is attempting to ATK another Wild Dumatra on the table, the card will automatically gain +4 ATK. So rather than the ATK of the card being 6, it will increase to 10 ATK.

  2. As long as this card is placed in any position where it is adjacent to a Kahn, then the DEF of this card will increase to 11. The Kahn will also receive a bonus to its defence as long as you are the one in control of it. If you are not in control of the Kahn, or this card, then these bonuses do not apply, and instead, standard stats will apply. The opposing player can also benefit from any bonuses if they manage to take control of both cards.

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