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Why my site won't have ads

The world we live in nowadays has reached new levels of consumer focus and drive. We are, and have been for many years, simply consumers of products, as viewed by those in positions of "company power". The word consumer is in itself an insult, if understood in its truest meaning.

The Oxford English Dictionary states:

a person who purchases goods and services for personal use."recession-hit consumers are being lured by cheap prices"

It is of course more than that to the aforementioned powerbrokers. Consume till we die, that's all we do. Use, take, demand, need, want. We are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we go. From bus shelters to the doctors surgery reception area, to junk mail posted through our home letterboxes. We do not ask for this, yet we are forced to experience it daily.

One of the worst cases of advertising is online. Online advertising has now surpassed the annoyance, and downright insulting levels of television advertising. Open any webpage and you will, more often than not, be subjected to over 50 ads. We are more than just brain-dead animals desperate for something new to devour. Now, granted, there is a need for advertisement in our world, but does it really need to be as in-your-face; in-your-home, as it has become?

This is simply a short muse, but I felt it necessary to write. You are no doubt aware that when you visit this website that you are not harrased with over-the-top advertisements, in fact there are no off-topic adverts whatsoever. In writing this blog, I wanted to announce, assure you, and deliver my personal promise, that there will never be adverts on this website.

I want to treat my visitors with the respect that thinking, consciously-aware human beings deserve. We are sentient beings, beings of spiritual power, not as the perceived product-hungry fools we have tricked ourselves into believing.

Stephen Purdon


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