The Arkitects - A Welcome

Dear sir / madam:

I'd like to welcome you to the Arkitects. We are excited that you have chosen to join our organisation and we look forward to working with you to provide a better world for all of humanity. I trust that this letter finds you mutually excited about your new commitment to the Arkitects and the work that we will accomplish over the many years to come.

Your new role will be explained by your superior and he will mentor you for the first five years of your service to the Arkitects. Humanity faces many difficult hurdles over the coming years and we are at the forefront of successful navigation of these difficulties. Our position has always been to create a better world for all of us, and with the looming threat our world faces from the unknown, it is paramount that we plan accordingly and ensure humanity survives the incoming crisis.

We encourage you, as we do all new members of the Arkitects, to explore the many tools at your disposal and to connect with fellow Arkitects to gain a better understanding of the purpose of our organisation and the role that you will play.

Your new team anticipates talking with you and welcoming you.

Ut Alii Sumus Arkitecti Vitae


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