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Tritan 1 . 9 . 1 . 105

Tritan Anarkand Trading Card
Tritan Anarkand Trading Card


Series 1

Set 9

Set Number 1

Overall Card Number 105

  1. If this card is attacking any human card, then you will automatically add +1 to its ATK.

  2. If this card is attempting to attack a machine, ( Gen-2, Humecha ) then you will automatically reduce the cards output ATK by 1.

  3. If this card at any point in the round, defeats another Tritan, then you will add +1 to all its stats for the remainder of the round. These stats are only valid when you are in control of the card. If your opponent takes control of the card then the stats for the card whilst they control it, are returned to their base stats ( unless there are on-table modifiers etc )

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