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The Omega Program

What is the Omega program?

The Omega program was launched in late 2002 to coincide with the launch of our Alpha program. It was developed to study the deeper forms of human nature and psychological development. The program involves placing people in control of others daily life, essentially giving them god-like capabilities over others. The program allows users to manipulate data and imaging on what the subjects believe is a simulated world with little to no consequence.

Each of the subjects that were chosen for the program, 101 of them, were connected via our Sentinel memory hubs, to a special virtual reality simulator. The test subjects were chosen from a list of over 12,000 applicants. Each of the subjects were chosen on mental fortitude and personality type. The applicants that were successful were chosen as they displayed one, or some of the following:


God Complex


Bi-polar disorder

High-functioning autism

High levels of empathy and compassion


All subjects were fully aware of the program and its intentions before signing up to the program. They were advised that they would be able to influence the daily lives of the simulated world presented before them, and the people that would reside within.

We promised that there would be no intervention from those running the program, and that they were free to work with the world in any way they seen fit. We advised the subjects that the people within the simulation were simply looking for a new life, a new world to explore, a place of beauty, compassion, and wonder.

We explained the birth and death cycle to them fully, ensuring that to each of them, the program was completely understood. We explained to them that there was no limitation on happiness, joy, depression, fear, terror, suffering, hardship, love, and death.

The Omega program is designed to measure the actions, inputs, and reaction of the subjects in control of the simulation. Subjects were advised that the simulation would provide them with the perfect opportunity to express themselves externally, without fear of repercussion.

The program has been a success thusfar, and has yielded significant results. The results will remain private of course.

How long does Omega last?

The Omega program lasts indefinately. It runs alongside the Alpha program. However, the influencers, or those on the Omega side of the program, are not constants. They have a 30-day limit of control over the simulation. After the period of 30 days, a subject will be replaced with another, not necessarily with similar traits or psychological make-up. This ensures that there is no continuity over a prolonged period, and ensures that the simulation experiences continual change, depending on who is in control.

At any one time, 101 operatives can engage with the simulation. They each were given a different start date from one another, so the personnel changes daily. When a new test subject signs up to the program, we simply add them to the 101 as they replace someone whose 30 day period has expired. No-one is ever allowed to return to the Omega program after this period. It is a one-time only experiment.

What influence does Omega have over Alpha?

There is no limitation to what the 101 can do. They can influence nearly anything:








and much more...

Prohibited changes are:



control over individual actions or behaviours.


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