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Support Weapons

M241 Sniper Rifle

The M241 Sniper rifle is a large-calibre weapon which provides state-of-the-art telescopic day and night, all-weather sights, increasing a sniper's effective range considerably.

First round hit at 600-800 metres

Harassing, fear firing range up to 1,400 metres

Manufactured by ShelbyCorp International and used by elitist militia groups, the sniper is an excellent choice.

We, of course, have modified the rifle to be able to screw on to our Mecka soldiers arm plates, thus allowing customisable and interchangeable flexibility dependent on type of approach required.


The LXS Sentinel powered laser rifle is housed in a titanium cage, and is built from the ground up by Mecka. It contains patented and proprietary technology that ensures our Mecka soldiers have the advantage over any army they are faced with. The laser rifle itself can be adapted for various targeting purposes, and is equipped with lock-on technology that allows it to be connected directly to the arm of Mecka soldiers.

The LXS is automatically connected to the array field data centre of Mecka HQ, which allows us to gather intelligence, data, and reports on the current condition of the rifle, the soldier using said rifle, its targeting systems, temperature, and success rate. This is our weapon of choice.


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