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Support my work

One of the best ways to support my work, as mentioned elsewhere, is to buy the Anarkand books, or to upgrade your membership to Anarkand Prime.

I wanted to ensure that I offered something truly worthy of people's disposable income, because the last couple of years have been a living nightmare for a lot of us, and as a creator first and foremost, I love the idea of giving something imaginative, and creative in return for support.

I love the idea that people have an immersive, lore-filled, and interactive website that rewards you with worthwhile content for the support that you provide for me and my family. I am a single parent. A father of a daughter under 10 who I raise on my own. I do my best to juggle the demands of the content I create for the website, the books I write, and of course, the attention that a little person needs, and expects.

I have so much creativity to unlock, and much more content to produce for the Anarkand series, and to be honest, I love that fact. My only difficulty stems from ensuring the above-mentioned demands are satisfied, and that the content I create is worthy of your attention, time, and effort, and that I can provide for my small family unit whilst accomplishing the above.

This is where Patreon also comes in. I considered focussing solely on the prime membership on the website, but as a supporter of other people's works, I realised that people love to support others in additional ways if they feel that they are committing everything they have to produce the best content they can. There are always those who want to offer more to support your work, and Patreon provides that opportunity.

What is Patreon?

If you've never heard of Patreon before, it's a website dedicated to memberships. It's a platform for people to show gratitude, acquire tools/information, get behind-the-scenes content or anything else really; whatever the creator wants to provide for their patrons. I plan on using Patreon to allow people who have expressed their gratitude and wish to continue their thanks, with a small monthly payment.

Other Ways to support my work:

Purchasing new novels and chronicles from the Anarkand story will always be the best way to support my work, as will signing up for a paid Prime membership. However, there are other ways to show your support if you enjoy my work and wish for it to continue. If you are not in a financial position to support my work monetarily, please do not fret, listed below are a few other ways you can support me.

Below, I have listed the many ways you can offer your support, whilst ensuring there are viable rewards. Businesses can also get involved and I have devised a a few opportunities for business owners that may wish to show support in a rather unconventional, yet beneficial way.

Follow me on Twitter

This is a great way to get the latest news on the Anarkand universe. All posts are in relation to Anarkand only. No salty posts, no politics, no secret agenda.

Become a site member

Join gain immediate access to a whole host of benefits and content. You will gain immediate access to prime features. Standard website membership is completely free.

Anarkand Prime Membership

There are paid membership plans which offer a number of rewards. With Anarkand Prime, you will be able to participate in author Q&A sessions, vote on Anarkand matters, access additional background and lore items, gain free character content for the Anarkand Adventure RPG, and have full access to it and any updates to it, including new chapter and episodic releases. Prime members will also get access to additional book excerpts. New content is added continually.

Twitter, Blogs, and News Articles

By sharing, commenting, and retweeting my content, you are raising awareness of the Anarkand universe. Comment on blog posts, share your favourites on your own social media and engage with the community here.

Blog interviews and author spotlight

I am more than happy to conduct interviews for your blogs, Youtube channels and much more, providing I have the free time. I am raising a daughter on my own, whilst also maintaining everything you see here on I am also deep into my forensic psychology studies at present.

Megan Sharma - The Write Life

Check out Megans recommendations for how to support your favourite authors on The Write Life article

Forum activity

By joining the website you will have access to a ton of free content, and one of those is the community forums, please check them out, and stay active. An active forum is a growing forum. The forums will be launched when we have enough members signed up to justify its existence.

Anarkand Novels and Anarkand Chronicles

The purchasing of Anarkand books and Anarkand Chronicles novellas, is the best way to support me as an author. I assure you I put a great amount of effort into the structure of these stories and the longevity of the many sub-plots that you will encounter. In addition there are many easter eggs and opportunities to be a part of the action, and further details on this will be revealed in due course.

Business and investment opportunities

There are many other ways to get involved in the Anarkand universe, and there are opportunities for businesses which have been devised by the author and built from the ground up. These opportunities can be viewed by visiting the Business Opportunities page.

This page will be updated continually with new opportunities.

I thank you for taking the time to read this over.

Yours truly,

Stephen Purdon

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