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SuperHuman Lifestyle


- The real you, needs a chance to fluorish -


Most detox and diet programs mystify people with swathes of information, creating a minefield that is difficult to navigate. My program keeps things simple, and is the most accessible program out there today.

When I constructed the system I did so with the intention of ensuring that every day has an easy structure and encapsulates a simple well-written beginning, middle and end.


My system is based on mini-tasks and bite-sized goals ( pun intended ) that are achievable when tackled individually, thus adding up to a huge daily and weekly accomplishment!


The entire program is set out in a structure that keeps food choices simple, and allows for substitutes. It consists of healthy drinks and 'eat anytime' foods. These are chosen from a pre-compiled list of the very best diet and detox foods which when combined will ensure healthy weight loss, detoxification of the liver and bloods, and overall present a feeling of complete wellbeing.

I have included my full 90-day change complete with a diary of what i ate and when, daily photos of progress and statistics, complete with videos, daily measurements, weigh-ins, and discussion.

We are all in this together. All of this has been provided for free and built from the ground up in conjunction with some of the best nutritionists around. The results will come, of that I can be certain.

The program incorporates many techniques and focusses on all the key aspects of an individuals life. From addictions like sugar, alcohol, toxic people, and smoking, to overall diet and physical wellbeing. The aim is to remove addiction, improve the minds capacity to learn and grow, increase physical capability, and push your body and mind to work together as one for the greater good of mind, body and spirit.

As part of the program you will discover an easy to follow diet and detox program, video diaries, books and learning tools, videos, podcasts, and swathes of information that can be digested easily and doesn't bog you down with information overload.

The program will increase circulation whilst improving flexibility of the human body. The Superhuman Lifestyle program is one which has been prepared to provide quick results, whilst ensuring the easy transition to a more permanent healthier lifestyle.

The first two weeks will be the hardest, as you break down addiction. This will be explained fully in the program guide.

MK Black's SuperHuman Lifestyle program is life-changing for everyone who tries it. Let us ensure we appreciate the bodies we have been given, and provide it with the right fuel to better our overall well-being.

Benefits of the program:

Lose weight safely

Discover better skin

Have more energy

Better cognitive ability

Higher concentration levels

Feel mentally refreshed

Eliminate toxins

Improve your health

Increase your libido

Finally end bloating

Have a clearer mind

Reduce / remove anxiety, depression, and poor thought patterns

Eliminate destructive habits, enforcing new positive routines

Alkalise your body

program prohibits:







Excess salt


Toxic People

Animal Milk

Most Dairy


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