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Staying mindful of conspiracies

Every single day of our lives; our existence, we walk the tightrope between good and evil. Our environmentally and situationally learned perceptions of what we believe, or at least understand, to be right and wrong, create an internal struggle that we may, or may not be aware of.

No-one is responsible for us as individuals, or for the actions we take, yet in the shaping of our thoughts and feelings, and our personal belief systems, it is indeed the opposite that is true more often than not.

Once we fully accept that we are in fact the keepers of self and circle, we can truly grow and achieve a great many things, and it is this notion of self-power, self-belief, and self-education that has me writing this piece today.

Conspiracies used to be a means of escape for many people. They used to be a way of disproving official theories and allowed for people to share information about chosen events that would allow for a different theory to be borne from such discussions and sharing. However, it would appear that one of the side effects of such an ability has been for clear-cut scenarios, to now become mired in conspiracy at every turn. It seems that nowadays no matter what happens in the world, there is a conspiracy that surrounds it.

For those of us with a hunger and desire to discover the reality with which the world presents itself to us, this can become a huge issue. Many great minds have been scrambled due to an overload of theories and negativity surrounding world events. Many strong-minded people become dulled to the world in which we live, and fear the presence of something malevolent in human nature. What once was powerful detective work, has now, for a lot of people, become an obsession.

I speak more about these in my books, but the crux of what I wish for innocent, Earth-loving everyday people is simple. You really should not waste energy or time talking or thinking about such things. I am aware of people who have lost their mind and soul to researching conspiracy theories, and false esoteric knowledge. There exists a powerful school of thought; a category of knowledge that can create destructive forces within the mind, leading to mental illness like psychosis.

Researching the orchestrated events of this world, or the "hidden" knowledge that is thrust upon us time and again will eventually lead to that individual losing the greater part of his or her emotions. It is rewarding and somewhat empowering to make new connections of interesting ideas, world events, mysterious deaths and so on, but this process in overdrive can lead to paranoia and delusional thinking.

Inside of us, we know this to be true. We can feel it. The quest for useless knowledge is a self destructive desire, as is the desire to share this knowledge with others. Life is to be enjoyed, to be lived. There is a place for knowledge and understanding, but surely for it to be of usefulness and to serve a purpose in your life, it needs to have meaning? Surely any gained knowledge in its most powerful form, is one which can be utilised for the betterment of one's life, and the lives of others?

Life only need living, not over-analysed to death.


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