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Sagittarius 1 . 11 . 9 . 139

Sagittarius Anarkand Trading Card
Sagittarius Anarkand Trading Card


Series 1

Set 11

Set Number 9

Overall Card Number 139

  1. For every Zodiac card on the table, whether under your control or not, Sagittarius will gain +3 to FOR for each of the zodiac cards in play at the time. For example, if there are 4 other zodiac cards, then Sagittarius FOR would gain +12, giving it a total FOR of 16.

  2. Should another zodiac card be played after the above example, which would take the total to 5 other zodiacs for example, then another +3 FOR is gained, which would take Sagittarius up to a FOR of 19.

  3. If this card is played in any adjacent space to the Scorpio zodiac card, then this card will automatically receive +1 to all stats.

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